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About Us

Technology innovation

In 1989, Wikkon made the first successful application of b-ultrasonic positioning device in the industry to a flume extracorporeal shock wave machine
In 1992, Wikkon first put forward the concept of low energy lithotripsy in the industry, and promoted the clinical technology of lithotripsy to develop into the field of urology, where clinical treatment is highly effective, minimally invasive and painless
In 1993, Wikkon took the lead in the field of orthopedics and aseptic soft tissue injury treatment in China
In 1994, Wikkon developed China's first c-arm X-ray rotation tracking and positioning shredder, setting a new industry benchmark
In 1996, Wikkon developed the first multifunctional stone shredder with a diagnosis and treatment system in China
In 1998, Wikkon developed China's first mobile (vehicle-mounted) dual-position stone breaker
In 2004, Wikkon developed the first multifunctional urological surgery bed in China and obtained the registration license of SFDA
In 2007, Wikkon developed China's first portable shockwave therapy machine
Since 2009, Wikkon has continued to innovate as the industry leader, leading the development of medical extracorporeal shock wave technology

Our Mission

To make healthcare services better and more affordable by the joint effort of all Wikkon employees

 Our Vision  

To be one of the world’s best suppliers of medical solutions

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